Acousticana Journal May 15th 2011 

If you were to visit Berlin, Germany, you would have no trouble finding good acoustic music. From the old time Killbilly Boys to the innovative New Prohibition band, your pallet will have a lot to chose from. Originally based out of Olympia, WA, the trio moved to Europe in hopes of reaching the growing number of acoustic fans there. From the looks of it they are doing a mighty fine job of it. The group has released their second album entitled “Higher Place“. The haunting voice of Cera Impala drives the unique sound of this invigorating group throughout the project as well as her saucy songwriting. The group is rounded out well with Dirk Ronneburg taking on the fiddle and Jovanka von Wilsdorf on contrabass. There is also an electro-coustic instrumentalist in most tracks we imagine is KILL BAMBI who is rocking this duet with Cera Impala. The project is a clever blend of old time, jazz, and bluegrass with a healthy amount of dynamic jamming. There is a surprising amount of energy in their playing. They do a great job of drawing the listener in with catchy melodies and keeping them interested with their good lyrics. “Higher Place” is sure to satisfy your crave for “something different” and enjoyable.